The Original Magnetic Hemp Lighter – Follow Us @hempvine

HempVine is a modern, magnetic and sustainable solution to the traditional lighter. It comes fully equipped with 100 percent organic hemp, which is dipped in refined beeswax for a cleaner and healthier smoke. Our green product not only reduces the amount of butane released into the environment but extends the standard, flick-of-the-switch shelf life of more primitive brands. And it doesn’t stop there.

Engineered by HempVine, a San Diego-based company, our lighter is equally compact and versatile, having been designed with smokers in mind.  A removable flint atop the lighter to serve as a packer? HempVine. A 50-foot-long hemp spool that fits water pipes near a bowl piece? HempVine. An easy-to-use magnet that, by simply pulling the lit hemp into it, doubles as a flame extinguisher? HempVine. We sell varying lengths of hemp separately, and the butane is refillable.

Welcome to HempVine, what a 21st century lighter should be.

Your light turned green.